Seed Fund Programme

The Seed Fund is targeted at assisting Innovation Enabling and Support (IES) beneficiaries, in partnership with Seed Fund Partners (SFP), to bridge the gap between research and technological outputs; and pre-commercialisation.

The main purpose of the Fund is to enable innovators to evaluate, demonstrate and advance the value proposition and commercial potential of their research outputs. The Seed Fund therefore contributes towards de-risking research outputs to a maximum value of R650 K in order to increase the pipeline for TIA and other funders.  The decision for TIA to fund the follow-on stages of the application will be informed among others by the availability of funding, the progress and achievements made by the innovators during the Seed Funded project, the alignment of the Seed funded project outcomes and fundable activities with TIA strategic focus areas and the potential commercial and social-economic impact that the project could achieve.

  • Eligible applicants will work through the relevant Seed Fund Partners (SFP) given their contracted management role and function
  • The application process, approval, disbursement and governance model for the Seed Fund is described in the SF Governance and Management Framework with our SFP.