Global Cleantech Innovation Programme

Developing Innovative Clean Technology SMEs In South Africa

The GCIP-SA is part of a global initiative aimed at promoting clean technology innovation and supporting entrepreneurs in growing their SMMEs and start-ups into viable, investment-ready businesses. In South Africa, the programme was incorporated into the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) on 1 January 2018, after four years as a donor-funded project. Founding partners were the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO – Project Developer and International Implementer), the Global Environment Facility (GEF – Funder) and TIA (National Implementer and Country Host). The main knowledge partner of the global programme is the USA-based Cleantech Open.

The key objective of the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme in South Africa (GCIP-SA) is to promote clean technology innovations and entrepreneurship in SMEs and start-ups in the country. The main indicators for success will be the increasing number of SMEs that pursue innovations in clean technologies; additional investment in clean technology innovations due to increased interest in the programme; the number of SMEs that participate as members of the national platform; and finally, the negative environmental impacts directly and indirectly avoided through the application of the supported Cleantech innovations.

The GCIP-SA is an annual competition-based business accelerator offering participants extensive training and mentoring to help them get their products investment-ready, and connect them to networks of local and international peers as well as potential partners and funders.

The programme primarily aims to promote a cleantech innovation ecosystem in South Africa by:

  • assisting in the identification and early stage nurturing of the most promising innovative local clean technologies;
  • coordinating and collaborating with various existing and planned national programmes, funds, competitions etc. relating to the promotion and development of clean technologies, and providing pre-selected candidates and applicants for them and seeking similar benefits from them;
  • facilitating the local and global linkage and networking of the most promising start-ups of South Africa with mentors and potential business partners.

The GCIP continuously enables and stimulates a culture of innovation amongst serious “green technology innovators” and it has been evident during its existence, that it positively contributes to the promotion and strengthening of a vibrant National System of Innovation (NSI). The programme also contributes to TIA’s initiatives in the Bio-economy by accelerating companies in the waste and water economies, whilst also training teams over a four-month period in Business Model Development and Validation.

The programme actively looks to support its alumni towards commercialisation and also contributes to TIA’s IES Enterprise Development Support efforts.

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