Mr Patrick Krappie

Acting CEO

Comes out of a strong management background, having held senior positions in government institutions specializing in economic policy and negotiations. An Honors (Economics) graduate, with vast international working experience in England and Switzerland. In these roles, he served as a diplomat for 8 years representing South Africa as a negotiator in the World Trade Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization and the United Nation Conference for Trade and Development. In addition, he served in the OECD Development assistance committees where South Africa is an associate member. He then joined the Presidential Task Team serving as Deputy envoy in the negotiation for the establishment of the BRICS, the latter’s participation and association with the G8 and the ultimate establishment of G20.

His last venture involved the establishment of the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) in 2009, facilitating the merger of seven pre-existing business entities of the Department of Science and Technology. Since then he has served in various senior management and executive roles and currently serves as Acting CEO of TIA.

Strong points are a big picture strategy, collaborative leadership, building and rallying teams together towards a common goal. Specialties include stakeholder management, partnership building, strategy and execution.