Technology Stations

The Programme provides access to world-class infrastructure and expertise that would otherwise not be available to stakeholders in the NSI, to enable them to engage in technology innovation. They are established in partnership with higher education institutions with TIA funds. The ultimate beneficiaries are the clients who receive services from the Technology Stations to develop products, processes and services. It enables universities to provide technology services to SMMEs. TIA provides financial support to Technology Stations to provide innovative Science Engineering and Technology solutions for complex engineering challenges within the relevant industrial sectors.

Applied Development, Engineering and Design

It involves the application of engineering processes from CAD to CAM now CAĚ, including scaled production based on the know how from technology station, needing professional engineering and design skills as well as identification and sourcing of technology or equipment. These services lead to demand driven projects that can be funded by various funding Agencies.

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

It involves producing a working model to indicated functional aspects of a product. The manufacturing is not limited to batch/pilot manufacturing of models, but can include either contract machining or manufacturing, based on the client’s drawings or specifications.

Consultation, Technology Audit and Feasibility Study

Consultation includes search and technology brokerage, finding the know-how as a diagnostic service, assessment or consultancy. This is usually a first part of any project to identify the potential for improvement and the required interventions. It involves the searching and sourcing of technology from outside UoT, generally from firms, engineering consultants and brokering as well as possibly managing transfers to SME’s.

Process or Product Improvement

Productivity, workflow, and quality all improve production facilities and products by applying standard procedures and methods. In many cases, this would also involve testing and analytical services to make the product conform to required specifications on new market demands and regulations.

Testing and Analytical Services

Testing and Analytical Services includes material testing and behavior analysis, and quality tests. It can be R&D or be routine jobs according to existing standards or client’s specifications, using readily available high end software and equipment.

Research and Development

It refers to the R&D on behalf of SME`s to investigate new products or processes which are beyond the existing state of the art; applying scientific methods to improve competitiveness and compliance to prescribed standards. Some of the categories of R&D are initiated from within UoT with the intention to market it at a later stage.

Technology Demonstration and Training

The demonstration of technology focuses to introduce SME in new products or to improve existing technology related to their respective projects. Taylor-made training and demonstrations can be to a number of SME`s or Individuals, also aligned to formal accredited University Training activities.

Where to find The Technology Stations

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