Technology Innovation Cluster Programme (TICPS)

The unit aims to fund technology development by facilitating an enabling environment for the advancement of technology innovation and commercialisation by adopting a value chain approach and catalysing collaborations amongst value chain players, such as public research institutions, entrepreneurs, companies, suppliers and manufacturers, both competing and co-operating in a particular industry. By facilitating greater collaboration within the existing ecosystem the industry benefits by leveraging the strengths of the respective partnering groups.

Technology Innovation Cluster Programme (TICPS) address national priorities or areas of strategic social and economic importance through the utilization of technology innovation.


  • Funds technology development in a programmatic framework to improve the competitiveness of local technology-based industries
  • Identifies and supports key interventions within the value chain and ecosystem to accelerate commercialization of technologies and facilitate transfer to industry
  • Facilitates the creation and expansion of local manufacturing/production capacity
  • Enhances the collaboration and networking among private sector industry, SMMEs and academia to leverage local excellence and expertise
  • Enables the provision of incubation services in order to encourage and stimulate interest to commercialize developed intellectual property
  • Leverage funds including international funding sources.