Dr Stephen John Lennon

Chairperson of the Investment & Finance Committee


Dr Stephen Lennon is a qualified scientist and engineer, with a primary degree in Chemistry, and a Masters and Doctorate degree in Materials engineering. In addition, he has received advanced training in leadership, governance, sustainability management and various technical disciplines.

He has followed a rich career in Eskom, where he developed complimentary roles through directorships on various entities and local and international leadership and advisory roles.

The early years of his career were hands on and operational as a practicing chemist, materials engineer and corrosion scientist. This gave him a solid understanding of the entire power sector value chain. This understanding was extended as he was asked to deal with environmental matters such as air and water quality, which in turn resulted in him taking the lead on Climate Change related matters for the business and South Africa. This gave him invaluable exposure to the local and international policy and advocacy area over an extended period.

Within a relatively short period, Dr Lennon became widely recognised as an expert in the then evolving sustainability area. This has continued throughout his career and he is now recognised as an international expert in the energy sector, with specialist knowledge in sustainability, energy technology (fossil, nuclear, renewables and delivery systems), climate change and renewable energy.

His management experience started in the scientific services area and grew through research management to executive management. In this process, he obtained extensive experience in commercialising technological services, creating a viable company and managing the transition of this company into a separate holding company.

Dr Lennon was appointed to Eskom’s executive in 2000 and was a member of the Executive Committee, as a direct report to the Chief Executive, until leaving Eskom early in 2015. Over this period he was responsible for various portfolios, all of which were corporate in nature and encompassed functions such as assurance, forensics, security, governance, strategy, risk, technology, R&D, safety, environmental, IT.

He was appointed to the position of Group Executive (Sustainability) in March 2012 as one of eight (8) direct reports to the Chief Executive. His responsibilities included international memberships and agreements, investor relations, Climate Change, Sustainability, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ), security, research, technology demonstration and the renewables operating unit. He was also in charge of recovering the performance of the Generation fleet (43 000MW of coal, nuclear and hydro capacity) and Eskom’s emergency response processes.

Steve has developed a strong local and global network through various advisory and external leadership roles. For example for several years he was Chairman of the National Advisory Council on Innovation – an advisory body to South Africa’s Minister of Science and Technology – as well as Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Energy and Environment Commission.
Professional Biography
Dr Stephen John Lennon
Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)

Dr Lennon is regarded as an effective business leader with a reputation for constructive input to various global forums such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), United Nations Global Compact and the International Chamber of Commerce. His knowledge of global trends in the power sector and the wider energy sector, especially in developing countries, has earned him widespread recognition.

Steve is currently Managing Director of Shanduvan (Pty) Ltd, a specialist energy, sustainability and strategy advisory service and investment holdings company. He is based in Perth and Johannesburg and is currently providing high level advisory services in Southern Africa, Australia and the USA. He is also chief Executive of SolaJoule Pty Ltd, an efficient lighting, electrical services and point of use solar technology company.