Dr Judy Coates

Dr Judy Coates

Board Member

Dr Judy Coates is the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager at the Innovative Pharmaceutical Association
South Africa (IPASA). She is responsible for monitoring trends, issues, problems, opportunities and activities in
the healthcare environment, with a specific focus on scientific and regulatory affairs, in order to identify issues
that affect the industry; developing IPASA positions on key issues in conjunction with members; and the overall
coordination and support of a number of the IPASA Working Groups.

Dr Coates has been in the Pharmaceutical industry for fourteen years, initially specialising in research and
development and thereafter progressing into investment and now regulatory affairs.

Her career began with joining Mintek in 2003 after obtaining her PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of
Johannesburg (RAU). Dr Coates started her research career looking at the synthesis and biological activity of a
variety of metal-based phosphine compounds in a secondment to University of Witwatersrand.

During this time Judy went on a research visit to Heidelberg, Germany, where she investigated the gold
labelling of neurologically active pentapeptides. Shortly after her return to South Africa she began heading
up the Mintek AuTEK Biomedical Programme, along with taking on an honorary position at the University of
Witwatersrand. Judy served as the head of the Biomedical Group at Mintek for a period of eight years.
In 2011, she transferred from Head: Biomed to the Human Resources Division in the position of Head:
Academic Support. The tenure in this role entailed the managing of Mintek’s Learning and Development
portfolio. In this role, she established a number of frameworks and policies to administer and guide the way
Mintek engaged with key stakeholders that fell within the Academic Support portfolio.

In 2012, Dr Coates joined the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) in Pretoria as the General Manager: Health.
She was responsible for the oversight and leadership of the TIA Health sector team; the development and
implementation of the Health sector strategy, the management and growth of the Health investment portfolio
and the management of various stakeholder relationships.

She joined IPASA in 2015.

Over her working career Dr Coates has been fortunate enough to receive extensive training across various
disciplines. These include:

• New Managers Programme attended 2008-2009 through Wits Business School
• Executive Development Programme (EDP) presented by Regenesys and IPMS Africa covering
organizational redesign and performance management.
• BIO Executive Training – Business Development Basics Course attended in Chicago, USA
• DL101 WIPO and WIPO Summer School – a web-based introduction to intellectual property hosted by the
World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)