Sugar industry – Call for Proposal

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has approved grant funding to the Sugar Milling Research Institute (NPC) (SMRI) to implement 4th Industrial Revolution projects in the South African sugar cane processing industry. The project is being funded by the DST’s Sector Innovation Fund and the South African sugarcane processing industry. The SMRI was established in 1949 and is an industrial research institute focused on the sugar industry. The SMRI (in collaboration with sugar industry leaders) has identified potential projects which will address known areas of inefficiency in sugar factories. In order to implement the types of projects from which DST has granted funding, the SMRI needs to collaborate with experts in industrial data acquisition, management and analysis. A call for proposals is issued to such collaborators.  the details of which are included on this web-site.”

Call for Proposal

Proposal Price Template

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