Risk Funding Schemes

TIA offers three risk funding schemes aimed at directly financing technology development projects with commercial potential.

The access points to the funding schemes are differentiated based on a combination of the amount of funding the applicant requires for technology development, the stage of technology development as defined by the technology readiness level (TRL) and whether the applicant’s funding request aligns with the purpose of the TIA funding schemes.

Seed Fund – To assist researchers from higher education institutions, science councils, technology entrepreneurs and SMMEs to advance their research outputs and ideas for proof of concept, development of prototypes and business cases that could be used for further development. In order to apply for Seed funding, innovators should contact the Tech Transfer Offices(TTOs) at the relevant university. Seed funding cannot be accessed by completing an online application on the TIA website.

Technology Development Fund – To assist innovators to advance technologies along the innovation value chain, from proof of concept to technology demonstration.

Commercialisation Support Fund – To prepare innovators for follow-on funding, through limited support for market testing and validation. In this instance, TIA’s role is to connect technology innovators to onward business and investment opportunities.

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