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YTIP was created in order to accommodate young innovators who may not necessarily be directly linked to any Science Council, High Education Institution, and Small Micro Medium Enterprise. This programme is designed to assist young innovators to access risk funding, mentorship and business skills support.


To play the connector role in supporting the development of new technologies by the youth, which can be taken to the market to solve various social and technological challenges. In addition, it contributes to delivering on a pipeline of innovative technologies for various TIA programmes.
Grant funding up to R 1 million per transaction

Target Market

YTIP is targeted at youth between the ages of 18 and 30, who are currently not funded by any of the other TIA funding instruments.


Prototype development at TIA Technology Stations and Technology Platforms;
Intellectual Property Protection;
Testing and Product Certification;
Stipend per person per annum for up to four people, for use towards establishing an enterprise;
Business coaching;
Incubation services for two years at an incubator recognized by TIA


Be a South African or have permanent residency
Be between the ages of 18 to 30
Should not have received funding from TIA before
Technology innovativeness
Socio-economic impact


The Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) is part of a global initiative aimed at promoting clean technology innovation and supporting entrepreneurs in growing their Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) and start-ups into viable, investment-ready businesses.


To promote clean technology innovations and entrepreneurship in SMEs and start-ups in the country
Increase number of SMMEs that pursue innovations in clean technologies;
Identify and nurture early stage and most promising innovative local clean technologies;
Facilitate the local and global linkage and networking of the most promising start-ups of South Africa with mentors and potential business partners


Training and Mentoring
Entrepreneurs engage subject matter experts in a 25-session series of Business Model Training Webinars and gain access to our Mentor Programme
Access to Capital
Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to be introduced to other TIA funding instruments as well as external stakeholder’s funding / support opportunities
Promising entrepreneurs have a chance of showcasing opportunities at the National Gala Event and might be selected for sponsored exhibition opportunities
Cash Prize
Top performers will win prizes that are a combination of cash grant and/or in-kind services
National winner(s) can attend the International Global Forum

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