How to apply for Funding

Who is eligible?

  • Science Councils and Higher Education Institutions
  • Start-up companies
  • Small, medium and micro-sized enterprises
  • Large companies participating within the Innovation Support Programmes.

Minimum requirements

Applicants other than Science Councils and Higher Education Institutions applying for financial assistance from TIA must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be South African citizens with valid South African identity documents or legal entities registered with CIPC;
  • Applicants must have the necessary contractual capacity to engage with TIA;
  • All primary business operations, including but not limited to projects / programmes / enterprises, must be operated within South Africa and be registered with the CIPC;
  • Applicants must meet the dti’s Localisation Framework requirements of a minimum of 20% equity ownership by a South African entity and B-BBEE requirements as per the B-BBEE Act.
  • The enterprise must be compliant with generally accepted corporate governance practices appropriate to the client’s legal status; and
  • For foreign owned IP, the IP should be licensed or assigned to a South African institution such as a university, science council or a legal entity registered with CIPC.

Refer to the Manual for instructions on how to apply for funding.
Should you still require assistance you can contact our Help Desk.


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