Funding Application Stages

TIA has a three-stage application process; the Submission of Statement of Interest and Basic Assessment, Full Assessment and Approval.

Stage 1 - Submission of Statement of Interest and Basic Assessment

The applicant is required in this stage to submit the Statement of Interest (SOI), via the online application system. The Statement of Interest describes the intellectual property, commercial, team, proposed technology innovation and budget. Once the SOI have full met all the criteria, a detailed full application will be requested.

Stage 2 - Full Assessment

Once the full application has been submitted, there will be an assessment conducted to determine whether the application has submitted all the necessary information to proceed with the full assessment. The full assessment involves opportunity evaluation in commercialisation, intellectual property, technical and legal. Deal structuring and project execution plan will be developed at this stage.

Stage 3 - Approval

Approval of applications is always subject to availability of funding. Applications that preceded the full assessment stage are approved by TIA approving body.

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