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Call for Applications : BRICS Young Innovators Prize Competition 2023

The BRICS Young Innovator Prize is a special recognition of young talented entrepreneurs and researchers, whose outstanding innovations (inventions, products, applications, and services) will make a profound impact on the socio-economic, environment and condition of life in BRICS societies.  The BRICS Young Innovator Prize is a platform for BRICS young scientists and entrepreneurs to share their best practices in innovation and venturing.

This initiative was introduced in 2018, during South Africa’s BRICS Chairship.  A total of five instalments of the BRICS Young Innovator Prize have been held successfully and it has become an important stage for BRICS youths to display their innovation talents and strengthen exchanges and cooperation.  The winner of the Young Innovator Prize will be granted through contests among the youths from BRICS countries.  The upcoming 6th BRICS Young Innovator Prize will be convened in-person as part of the 7th BRICS Young Scientist Forum which will be held from 31ST of July, until the 3rd of August 2023 South Africa.