To access application forms, please follow the link: http://www.eurogia.com/submitting/templates.html


The scope for the call will include:

• Offshore Wind turbines, bioenergy, solar panels, fuel cells power to-X, energy storage

• Hydrogen Fuel cell (production, storage, station)

• CO2 Capture, Sequestration and Utilization

• Green and Zero-emission Buildings, Smart cities, heating

• IT solutions in buildings, smart monitoring, 3D construction, digital twins in housing design

• AI, IoT, Bigdata, 5G/6G integrated solutions in cities

• Smart Grids, Micro-Grid, E-mobility

• Monitoring of the environment and bio resources

• Drone and satellite monitoring systems of land, rivers, sea Industrial robots, sensors, edge cloud computing, Raman Mass spectrometry, AI, big data

• … and many more.


The closing date for applications is Monday, 30 September 2021


For enquires please email:

Mr Zipho Zwane

Portfolio Manager: International Partnerships



Toto Matshediso

Deputy Director: Strategic Partnerships 


For submissions please email: