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CSIR/TIA/DSI Industrial Biocatalysis Hub (IBH) – Call for Expressions of Interest (EoI)

Call for Expressions of Interest (EoI)

The Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) has identified biocatalysis as one of the key enabling technologies used to support the development of a sustainable industrial bio-economy sector in South Africa.  Biocatalysis entails the use of enzymes and microorganisms in manufacturing processes to produce products such as industrial biologics, biopharmaceuticals and bio-veterinary compounds, flavours and fragrances, food additives and for the extraction of natural compounds from plants.

The DSI, in partnership with the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), has tasked the Council for Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR) with implementation of the Industrial Biocatalysis Hub (IBH). The key objectives of the IBH are:

  • To provide a platform for industrial assimilation of biocatalysis technology
  • Selection and support of Nodes to support biocatalysis activities and capacity building;
  • Embarking on collaborative projects with Enterprises to localise and develop technology in biocatalysis for implementation at commercial scale.


Call for EOI IBH – Node

Call for EOI IBH – Enterprises