TIA is seeking proposals from reputable and experienced organisations to assist us with the following measurement tools required by the Human Resources division to execute our mandate of attracting, retaining and creating a performance driven workforce:

    1. Salary Benchmark of Remuneration / Total Rewards Benchmark, once every two-years and on ad-hoc basis as may be required.
    2. Payscale development (HR tool used for appointing employees at market related salaries)
    3. Job Evaluation and Grading, using Paterson Classic grading methodology, of new and existing positions as and when required.
    4. Access and provide certified training for the Human Resources Business Unit to conduct Job Evaluation and Grading inhouse, based on the Paterson Classic grading methodology.
    5. Employee Engagement Surveys



Suppliers that responded under tender TIA003/2021

  • Emergence Growth SA
  • Remchannel
  • 21 Century Pay Solution Company


Winning Supplier:

Emergence Growth SA