Over the past three years, the number of disciplinary cases in the organisation has increased. It is also evident that these disciplinary cases require seasoned and experienced Consultants and Labour Lawyers with capacity to advise, provide legal opinions and assist the Technology Innovation Agency to commence and close these matters within reasonable time frames. Hence it is deemed necessary to procure the services of a panel of Employee Relations Consultants and Labour Lawyers to assist the Human Resources Business Unit with the Employee Relations cases.



Suppliers that responded:

1.Moloko Ephraim Phooko/Moloko Phooko Attorneys

2.Duduzile Hlebela Inc

3.Mamatela Attorneys Inc

4.Poswa Inc

5.Tshweza Inc

6.Malatji and CO

7.Mthimunye Hluyo Attorneys

8.Gildenhys Malatji Inc

9. RC Mkhwanazi Inc

10.Thomas Mavabasa Tshabalala T/A ADV Tshabalala

11.Jungwanth Attorneys Inc

12.NT Maluleke Inc