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SA-MAURITIUS Joint Call for Proposals in Applied Research and Innovation Projects

The purpose of the SA-Mauritius Joint Call for Proposals is to facilitate partnership between South African and Mauritius start-ups, MSMEs and large enterprises, (in collaboration with national research and/or higher education institutions in both countries, where relevant/appropriate) for collaborative research, development and innovation (RDI) projects with commercial potential.  The objective of any project should, therefore, be to:

  1. Improve the competitiveness of the company through collaboration between research and industry.
  2. Develop a new/improved product, process and/or service.

The fund is expected to improve the commercialization probability of technologies that emanate from the projects.

The fund is a limited resource made available for an agreed set of focused activities with clear deliverables, at least one of which should be a viable plan for taking the idea forward, which can be considered by other possible funders.



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