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The Virtual Canola Stakeholders Workshop

The production of canola in South Africa is lower than the demand and the local consumptionrequirementsforcanolaisapproximately110572tonsperyear.  Canolaisagoodsource of protein in animal feed and large quantities of protein for animal feeds must be imported every year from mainly Argentine. The canola industry forms part of the broader oilseedindustrywithinSouthAfrica,whichisimportantintheagriculturalsectorandvalue chain even up to the level of the consumer. Canola has various positive health characteristics for both animal and human consumption. It has also been mentioned in the governments Agricultural Policy Action Plan (APAP) for 2014-2019, as one of the important crops in the country. It is for this reason that we sought to collate information from key role players in the canola value chain. There is a need to explore opportunities that could be exploited from this crop.

Canola Workshop Article