TIA is seeking to appoint a panel of service providers to conduct valuations on TIA’s investee companies.

The service provider must demonstrate experience in financial, economic and intellectual property analysis and business reviews leading to valuations of technology companies in the growth phase. This should be in relation to industry and performance as well as understanding of the regulatory environment in which TIA operates, including but not limited to, knowledge of the Technology Innovation Agency Act, and the Public Finance Management Act.

Service providers that meet the minimum qualifying score of 75% will automatically be part of the panel.

TOR for valuators_TIA003_2020_FINAL


Names for Suppliers that responded

Simvaw Holdings
CDV Waardeerders
Letsema Consulting and Advisory
Nedbank CIB
Nexia SAB&T
Middel & Partners Incorporated
Tsori Capital CC
SNG Grant Thornton
Genesis Corporate Services
Mitchondria Capital


Winning Suppliers

Nexia SAB&T
Middel and Partners