The Metagenomics Platform also known as Screening Applications and Exploring Novelty in Specialized Environments (SAENSE) is located at the University of the Free State (UFS). The platform was established on the foundation of expertise built by the UFS in microbiology, biochemistry and bioinformatics and had a number of industry partners for whom it undertook technology development and provided analytical services. The platform developed an explicit focus around the development of bioremediation technologies for commercialisation by the South African industry. The activities of the Platform are structured into three interdependent and integrated domains:

  •  Houses all the analytical services of the platform and focuses on:
    • Bioprospecting, cataloguing and characterisation of microbes from extreme environments.
    • Creating the fundamental knowledge required to exploit and control useful microorganisms.
  • Consist of post-proof of concept research and development at bench-scale but pre-pilot demonstration and primarily deals with:
    • Development of integrated remediation solutions.
    • Other industrial applications as directed by clients.
  • Is focused towards pilot scale development and on-site demonstration of remediation technologies, including engineering design.