TIA’s Advanced Manufacturing Sub-Programme is an important “cog” in the wider South African Manufacturing Value Chain. Technology innovation has been identified as one of the main drivers in enhancing national competitiveness. The role of the Unit in the AM NSI is to utilise technological innovations as a driver to support the development of a knowledge economy in manufacturing, by accelerating both the manufacturing capability and the knowledge intensity of the industry, to increase and sustain the competitiveness and innovation in South Africa’s manufacturing industry.

The Sub-Programme will continue to provide developmental support to investments in innovations that will increase the knowledge and/or technology intensity of the Manufacturing Sector in South Africa.

Business Unit Purpose

The purpose of the Advanced Manufacturing STA is to support TIA’s Vision by building a quality portfolio of projects in Advanced Manufacturing that contributes to transforming South Africa’s Manufacturing Industry into a competitive, high-tech and high value creation industry.

Business Unit Objectives

1. To build TIA’s pipeline of Advanced Manufacturing Investment Opportunities
2. To assist Applicants with building a fundable opportunity, and to assess Investment Opportunities
3. To perform client-centric and value adding Project Management of TIA Projects/Investments
4. To facilitate commercialisation of TIA Projects/Investments
5. To facilitate co-funding and next round funding of TIA Projects/Investments
6. To participate, co-ordinate and contribute to building the Advanced Manufacturing NSI and seek alignment with key stakeholders.

Technology Focus Areas

Manufacturing is a diverse and broad concept!

The simple definition of Advanced Manufacturing is that it is “knowledge and/or technologically intensive”. Advanced Manufacturing is not a static entity; rather, it is a moving frontier. What was considered advanced decades ago (e.g. pocket-sized personal digital assistants) is now traditional, and what is advanced today (e.g. Portable high-density lithium-ion batteries) will be considered mainstream in the future.

The Unit has built up a portfolio of projects in the broad categories of Chemicals, Electronics, Materials and Production Technologies. In addition to these, TIA will make new investments, that are well aligned to the National Agenda for Advanced Manufacturing,  in the areas of Additive Manufacturing, Automation, Advanced Electronics, Photonics and Aero-Structures, whilst continuing to support the development of strategic high impact projects – Mega Projects – in advanced manufacturing sectors.

We are also excited about new developments because of the confluence of cyber-physical systems, related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Contact our Business Unit

Charmaine Mphahlele – Coordinator

Tel: 012 472 2922


Exciting Innovations

Diagnostic MultiCAM – The project is a joint collaboration between TIA, the CSIR and Eskom, who have come together to develop world-class technology for the monitoring of potential power line failure from a phenomenon known as corona discharge. It will be an important tool in the utilities’ preventative maintenance activities by drastically simplifying the user’s abilities to quickly detect and quantify the nature of the possible failure.

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