The Special Projects Unit is responsible for directing and managing TIA’s special projects.  These projects can be at any stage of technology development, embody any technology, and be realised within a short period of time, preferably 12-18 months.

The Objective of the Special Projects Portfolio is to give optimal resources to targeted investment opportunities that can deliver upon the objectives of TIA, and in so doing demonstrate to stakeholders the ability of the TIA to deliver on innovation. The outcome of these opportunities must be new products/services launched onto the market that are delivering immediate and recognisable socio-economic impact, and in particular delivering into RSA’s national imperatives.

The Special Projects portfolio is spread throughout all the sectors of TIA as well as any project not accommodated for by the TIA sectors. However, these projects must be in-line with national priorities and within the TIA mandate.

  • Special Investment Projects (SIPs)
  • High Impact Projects (HIPs)
  • DST-Funded Projects
  • Youth Technology Innovation Fund (YTIF)
  • Culture of Innovation Projects
  • Technology Innovation Awareness Projects