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Funding Philosophy and Assessment Criteria

TIA will seek out and catalyse opportunities for investment funding where they exist:

  • Creative new technology based ideas for either new or improved products, processes or services
  • Existing technology based ideas for new or improved products, processes or services that can be further improved, developed and exploited by South Africans, whether directly or in collaboration with foreigners where a win-win partnership can be forged
  • Development of infrastructure and capacity that will reduce the barriers to technological innovation in South Africa
  • The stage of development of the idea is beyond basic research and before production expansion
  • Where there are insufficient other resources available to progress the opportunity

To give effect to this philosophy, the TIA will assess investment opportunities in terms of:

  • The current stage in the innovation chain and the planned path for innovation
  • The potential attractiveness of the product or service in the targeted market
  • The potential intensity of social and economic impact that the opportunity is likely to achieve including GDP growth and increased taxation revenue, meaningful job creation, increased and value added exports, increased competitiveness of industrial sectors, increase in highly skilled capacity and knowledge base, lowered net intellectual property cost, increased capabilities for technology innovation, solutions to national needs and improvement in quality of life, responsiveness to social and developmental needs including poverty alleviation
  • Alignment with the TIA sector strategies and alignment with national policy
  • The technical and commercial viability of the plan
  • The ability of the team to implement the plan
  • The extent of prior investment, partnership and leverage of other resources
  • Prospect of promoting of BBBEE
  • Investment risk and expected outcomes relative to the TIA portfolio
  • Potential financial return
  • Availability of funds