The Commercialisation Unit is structured and positioned as a cross-cutting service delivery unit with the objective of ensuring that the various sector portfolios contribute towards achievement of TIA Strategic Objectives, particularly the development of new technology based services and products as well as establishment of viable technology based enterprises. The Commercialisation Unit will provide dedicated opportunity evaluation and due diligence services to TIA sector portfolios as well as structured business support and advisory services., including technology nurseries.


  • Provide comprehensive opportunity evaluation and due diligence capability to ensure that TIA selects the most deserving ideas and technologies to support in order for TIA to meet its mandate;
  • Provide business support and enterprise development capability (technology nurseries services) for technology commercialisation aimed at reducing risks associated with establishment of viable technology based businesses;
  • Provide support to South African generated intellectual property and capacity to compliment such intellectual property with third party intellectual property in order to broaden the IP base and enhance South Africa’s competitiveness; and
  • Develop and retain appropriate commercialisation human capacity.

Functional Areas

The Commercialisation Unit comprises two functional areas:

Expert Services

Expert Services’ (ES) focus is on quantification of risk and optimization of market opportunity through due diligence and opportunity evaluation. The services within ES are directed towards providing various inputs to opportunity evaluation in the pre-investment phase and also specific interventions during post-investment phase in support of Business Support & Advisory Services, and comprise:

  • technology assessment/ Opportunity Evaluation;
  • intellectual property assessment and management (e.g. novelty of the technology and hence potential competitive advantage and freedom to operate);
  • market related issues including but not limited to understanding of the markets (what, types, sizes, dynamics, barriers, competitors, etc) to determine commercial viability and marketability of technologies presented to TIA for support;
  • regulatory issues (including commercial law inputs);
  • inputs into valuations as part of deal structuring;
  • Overall Due diligence.

Business Support & Advisory Services

The business support focus is on non-financial services offered to investees post-investment and is aimed at increasing commercialisation prospects for TIA investments. The primary purpose of this function is to mitigate the risks associated with the establishment of viable technology based businesses.

The business support services include but are not limited to:

  • IP Management
  • Financial Management
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing
  • Business Plan Development
  • Governance
  • Networking
  • Internationalisation