Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Tender for 2016/2017; 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 FY

TIA invites experienced and capable service providers to submit proposals to undertake a stakeholder survey that aims to evaluate stakeholder’s perception of TIA. The findings of this survey are intended specifically to be used as input and key insights into the strategy formulation process.

Terms of Reference
General Conditions of Contract

Suppliers that Submitted tenders:

  1. Sedibeng SA Tsebo Research
  2. Manto Management
  3. Urban Econ
  4. Quest Research Services
  5. Living Facts
  6. Kutu Intelligence  Services
  7. Plus 94 Research
  8. Zaparrata
  9. ATA Research Group
  10. C&N Inventions CC
  11. S24 Business roup (Pty) Ltd
  12. Simmek Holdings
  13. Future Chartered Accountants
  14. Live Moya
  15. Genex Insights

Winning Bidder

Genex Insights