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Tshwane Animal Health Innovation Cluster Initiative

Tshwane Animal Health Innovation Cluster Initiative

The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), in partnership with key stakeholders within the National System of Innovation, officially launched the Tshwane Animal Health Innovation Cluster (the “Cluster”) on 3 October 2012. The Cluster is a TIA-led initiative that aims to create an enabling environment for the local animal health industry to develop and commercialise safe, efficacious, affordable and accessible animal health products and services for the benefit of the South African livestock industry.

The Cluster will explore the high concentration of skills, expertise, infrastructure and industries located within the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and Gauteng province. As a start, the key participating institutions of the Animal Health Innovation Cluster includes the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), National Research Foundation (NRF), University of Pretoria (UP), Onderstepoort Biological Product (OBP), University of Pretoria (UP) and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).  Industry participation is highly encouraged as a driver to commercialise product and services developed through the Cluster. Interested industry parties may contact TIA using details provided below.

An initial R 90 Million has been pledged to the Cluster to support and accelerate technology innovation and development; including commercialisation of animal health product and services.

The Tshwane Animal Health Innovation Cluster will, amongst other things aim to:

  • Accelerate the commercialisation of animal health biotechnology products and facilitate transfer to industry.
  • Improve the competitiveness of the local enterprises through cooperation to support their growth.
  • Revitalise animal vaccine manufacturing which address diseases of strategic and economic importance.
  • Enhance collaboration and networking among industry and academia to leverage local excellence and expertise in animal health.
  • Offer incubation services in order to encourage and stimulate interest to commercialise developed Intellectual property.
  • Address disease in animal production diseases that hamper animal production through technology innovation and
  • Contribute towards developing skills and expertise in the animal health field to build the animal health knowledge hub.

For more information about the Cluster activities, please contact Ms. Kefiloe Monageng via email: animalhealthcluster@tia.org.za or telephonically on 27 (0) 12 472 2736.