Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Sector

  The Advanced Manufacturing unit of TIA promotes investment in innovation that will ensure the future of South African manufacturing in a knowledge-based economy. It represents a planning and implementation initiative that defines, prioritises and co-ordinates innovative, high-impact, collabora...Read more >>

Energy Sector

The South African energy landscape is changing rapidly to increase the contribution of renewable energy sources onto the grid, propelled by the Goverment's Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Programmes (REIPPP), led by the Department of Energy (DoE). Critical for South Africa in the sh...Read more >>

Information and Communications Technology

The aim of the ICT Business Unit is to support South African innovators in applying their skill to create new ICT services and products that present high potential of establishing sustainable, social or commercial enterprises. Purpose To source and support information and communication technol...Read more >>


South Africa's economic growth has been and will continue to be closely linked to the mining industry. The country is one of the world's most important mining countries in terms of the variety and quantity of minerals produced. However there is acknowledgement that South Africa has under-inv...Read more >>