The Commercialisation Unit is structured and positioned as a cross-cutting service delivery unit with the objective of ensuring that the various sector portfolios contribute towards achievement of TIA Strategic Objectives, particularly the development of new technology based services and products as...Read more >>

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships is a new functional unit within the Technology Innovation Agency tasked with stakeholder management and establishing strategic relationships that would link-up the Agency with local and international partners to increase its capacity to execute its mandate. It derives its m...Read more >>

Technology Stations

The Technology Stations support industry in diversified sectors, ranging from Agro-Processing, Chemicals, Clothing & Textile, Automotive industry and Tooling Sector. These centers are world class service providers of Engineering services to Technology based SME’s, which are provided by technical e...Read more >>

Business Unit Objectives

To provide comprehensive opportunity evaluation, due diligence capability and initial financial modelling to ensure that TIA selects the most deserving ideas and technologies in order for TIA to meet its mandate; To provide resources to assist  technology commercialisation, with th...Read more >>

Business Unit Activities

Pre-Investment activities Conduct due diligence exercises Participate in Investment Assessment Committees (IACs) Provide input in project definition workshops (PDWs) Sourcing industry and technology   experts for due diligence exercises and review of investment applic...Read more >>

Business Support & Advisory Services (BSAS)

BSAS is a unit within TIA established to support TIA’s investments (whether in project or start-up business mode), as well as internal TIA clients. The purpose of BSAS is:  To coordinate and facilitate business support for TIA’s investments, with the aim of increasing the rate an...Read more >>


The Objective of the Special Projects Portfolio is to give optimal resources to targeted investment opportunities that can deliver upon the objectives of TIA, and in so doing demonstrate to stakeholders the ability of the TIA to deliver on innovation. The outcome of these opportunities must be ne...Read more >>

Special Projects Portfolio

The Special Projects Unit is responsible for directing and managing TIA’s special projects.  These projects can be at any stage of technology development, embody any technology, and be realised within a short period of time, preferably 12-18 months. The Objective of the Special Projects Po...Read more >>

Technology Platforms

The main remit of the platforms is to support local innovation in the form of technical support for products, prototypes, diagnostics and drug development. They are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are resourced with highly competent individuals in specialized fields to develop new pr...Read more >>